Starbucks failOne.  Don’t have a product

If you know nothing, if you add nothing, if you have not worked at all,  if you do not learn anything, if you do not think, if you do not create …. you have nothing. You can take up little things and set off fireworks to attract attention, but those that might come will soon discover that void and will not return. Without work, effort, values and creativity, there can’t be a brand.

It is also true that many people spend so much effort to work, learn, create, build and develop, they forget that «your product», the result of all that effort,  will not be widelo known on its own . Wonderful products and basic needs resort to promote their brand. Yow wold never know them if they had not done a little effort. So bad is wanting to build a brand empty, as not to waste the effort and add a layer of recognition and communication to the work and effort. Many people think they do not contribute anything, but are surprised when they find that there could be a target and an audience that is interested in what their sacrifice and effort can bring to others. Just tell.

Two. Think you do not have a personal

If you have not taken the path of taking care of your personal brand, and you think your «record» is clean, you’re wrong. We all have a raster image, a sign of our actions, comments, text or holdings. Especially since the advent of social networks and the proliferation of search engines.
If we allow our image is in the hands of chance or comments or impressions of others, we are sowing the road to disaster.

Three. Do not be objective and long-term strategy

If you have no personal or professional goals, you can hardly have a strong personal brand and effectiveness. It is advisable to have very long-term goals and objectives in a shorter period (eg this year or within the next twelve months) against which we measure our results. In addition we have a series of very short-term goals that allow us to measure whether we are working our brand. For example, a short-term goal is to maintain a certain number of personal contacts or update each of our channels. A medium-term objective (1 or two years) may be the size of our network crossed with the number of effective contacts made.

Four. Manage your brand exclusively on social networks

The ease and volume of information generated by these networks can contribute to a mirage. Remember to keep personal relationships: get a coffee, visit, send a note or phone call. Many of our potential contacts are not even in social networks do not pay attention to its contents and nothing replaces the personal encounter.

Five. Forget the consistency and repetition

For example constantly changing the name (naming) their methods of personal contact. Are you using multiple names in your email accounts, social networking accounts, email signatures? If so you’re giving up progressively build an image linked to a clear denomicación about you. Another area to keep a discipline is that of the issues we deal, talk, comment or inform. Add new items that we were suddenly abandoning covering is the best way to undo the road traveled.

Six. Do not spend resources to your brand

No economic resources are necessary, but every week you should review if you meet the time that you had proposed to devote to your personal brand. Remember that you can start for very little time (30 minutes per week) and advance to higher dedications once we adopt the discipline and individual results will require more effort.


In short: A personal brand requires having base, objectives, control, dedication and consistency to work.

Víctor Sánchez del Real
Creador de Elocuent. Llevo décadas ayudando en comunicación y marca a personas, emprendedores y PYMES (a las grandes cojo el teléfono solo si son simpáticas). Durante dos legislaturas fui Diputado en el Congreso. Si quieres convertirte en un gran comunicador navega ahora mismo por Elocuent o escucha nuestro podcast. Comunicador(Prensa, Radio y TV), profesional de la Publicidad y 20 años en Consultoría de Comunicación y Reputación, fundando y liderando el que ha sido uno de los mayores grupos españoles(ImageGroup). Me han escuchado (a veces hasta hecho caso) grandes marcas y directivos - Nokia, Motorola, Telefónica, Cisco, Warner, ICEX,Diageo, BBVA, L'Oreal, BlackBerry, Imaginarium, Ferrari, Acciona,... - también políticos, emprendedores, empresarios y personalidades públicas. A todos les conoces, en parte por mi culpa. Si no les conoces, también es culpa mía. Experiencia en escuelas de negocio -IESE, ICADE, IE, ENME,Escuela Europea de Negocios,Master Real Madrid, IIR, ADEN... - Universidades como IE University, Complutense.